Should you wash your new clothes before wearing them for the first time?

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new dressesWhenever we buy a new article of clothing, our excitement can often tempt us to wear the item right away. This, however, is a temptation we should always be careful to avoid. The truth of the matter is that every new article of clothing we purchase should be washed before we put them on our person. While this may be an obvious statement for articles of clothing that other people may have worn or tried on, it also holds true for any items that come in a sealed plastic bag. This article will reveal several reasons why you should always wash new clothes before you wear them.

Reason 1- Nasty, nasty germs

One of the things we do quite often when shopping for clothes is try them on to see how they fit. While this seems quite simple and harmless, it can be an issue, especially when you purchase the item. Even if the article of clothing is hung up or folded neatly, there is no way to know that no one else tried it on before you. In fact, many people may have tried it on. Thus, wearing that article of clothing before washing it is to put your skin into virtual contact with the skin of everyone who tried on that item before you bought it. Yuck!

Reason 2- Allergens

Even if the article of clothing is neatly wrapped in sealed plastic, it should be properly washed before wear. The main reason for this is that the item may have been exposed to any number of chemicals or other elements that may cause an allergic reaction if they come into contact with your skin. This is especially true for socks which are in contact with your feet. As your feet will sweat, any chemicals or other residue from the socks will transfer to your skin through your sweat. This can cause any reaction from light itching to a full blown rash. In any event, it is always safer and healthier to wash every article of clothing before its first use.

Reason 3- Creepy crawlies

This may seem a bit excessive, as though I am simply trying to gross you out, but it is an actual fact. Creepy crawlies are transferred through the wearing of unwashed items every day according to studies. One of the main issues is lice. Hats of all shapes and sizes are tried on by anyone and everyone, and that includes people with underwhelming hygiene standards. As a result, people contract lice and other such fun issues simply by wearing items that have been exposed to the vermin. Super yuck!

In summary

All in all, whether an article of clothing is loose or in plastic, it is ALWAYS best to wash it before wearing it for the first time. Not only will this keep you safe from germs and vermin, but it will also keep your skin safe from the harsh chemicals that go into cleaning or dying products. Be safe, and wash everything before wearing!