When life gives you lemons, clean your house!

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drinking lemon waterLemons are rarely associated with anything good. A bad car is often referred to as a lemon. And the adage, ‘when life gives you lemons (insert quippy retort)’ only serves to underscore the low value we place on those sour tasting yellow fruits. Still, anyone who knows the true value of lemons, specifically lemon juice, will see them in a whole new light. From cleaning to removing rust, lemons can serve a wide range of uses that will actually improve our lives. This article will present several ways that lemons can make your life easier and better, and hopefully make you appreciate them just a little more!

Removing odors

One of the most challenging things in any kitchen is how to keep the air smelling clean and fresh. From cooking to trash, many odors can combine to make a kitchen smell a little off at best, and downright awful at worst. Burning candles and using sprays only masks odors, leaving the air heavy with unnatural perfumes and chemicals. Grating a lemon peel will provide the zest, which is a natural deodorizer that freshens the air without harsh fragrances or chemicals. The oil of the lemon itself will clean any stain or spill thoroughly, disinfecting the area and removing any lingering odors. Leaving some lemon zest in the base of the kitchen trash can will help eliminate any odors from the contents of the trash, keeping the air clean and fresh.

Removing stains

One of the things that can get stained no matter how well you clean it is a cutting board. The natural juices of vegetables can be impossible to get out with soap and water alone. The citrus power of lemon juice is just the thing for getting your cutting boards clean and fresh again. By cutting a lemon in half and rubbing the flat end across the board you will remove any residue or stains quickly and easily. This is also true for counter tops, and any other porous surfaces that are hard to remove stains from.

Lemons can actually help to remove stains from clothing or any fabric as well. This is particularly useful for any upholstery that might be too delicate for chemical cleaners. The power of citrus to clean and disinfect is well known in big chemical companies. After all, why do you think that so many cleaning products boast the power of lemons or oranges in their advertising? Simply apply lemon juice with a cloth, and rub out the stain from any fabric, curtain or article of clothing.

Moving On

What makes lemons so effective in cleaning is that they cover all bases. Not only are they good for cleaning surfaces, but they can also remove stains and keep odors away. This all round effectiveness of lemons makes them invaluable for keeping your home clean in all ways while using as little effort as possible. Another plus is that lemons are completely natural, so their cleaning power doesn’t come with any dangerous chemicals or ingredients that may cause harmful side effects.