Doing these things will ruin your sheets

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We spend many hours with our sheets making treating them with care important for longevity and comfort. For sheet to last a long time means avoiding common mistakes that stain, tear, and leave them less than soft. These seven things shorten the life of your sheets and make sleeping uncomfortable.

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Washing and Drying Sheet Sets in One Large Load

When cleaning fitted and flat sheets, avoid cramming them in the washing machine and dryer. Give your sheets lots of room to agitate and tumble freely. Smaller loads keep sheets from tangling too much and makes it easier for them get clean. Large capacity machines can handle large loads of two sheet sets at a time. But if the fit inside the machine is too tight, only wash a single set instead.

For those owning washers with an agitator in the center, place your sheets loosely in the machine without wrapping them around the agitator. Loading the machine too full causes a rope effect by tightly twisting the sheets and causing stress to the fabric. When drying sheets, check the dryer at mid-cycle, separating the sheets if they are in a ball for even drying to reduce fabric stress.

Don’t Use a Heavy-Duty Wash Cycle

Newer washing machines have dedicated sheet washing cycles, but the older models only have casual, normal, or heavy duty settings. It doesn’t take heavy agitation to clean sheets, and a heavy-duty setting causes the sheets to tangle and wrinkle.

For a cleaning boost, especially helpful for allergy sufferers, change the temperature setting to hot. The hot temperature setting helps remove dirt and germs better than the warm water setting.

Dry on Low and Use a Short Dry Cycle

Reduce shrinkage and wrinkles by drying on lower heat and using an automatic drying cycle. Automatic cycles stop the drying process once the dryer senses your sheet sets are dry. Over-drying causes fiber damage which wears out the sheets, making them tear easily.

Infrequent Changes

To keep your sheets in top shape, change them weekly, or at the least, bi-weekly. Using sheets for long periods without washing, cause them to lose shape when washing and drying, causing the fabric to tear when stretched.

Not Washing Makeup Off Before Going to Bed

Besides being harmful to the skin, left on makeup stains sheets and pillowcases. Also, reconsider loading up on greasy lotions before going to bed since the oils leave stains and ingredients like benzoyl peroxide bleach colors. If you use night time moisturizers, wash the sheets every week to stop discoloration from oily buildup.

Not Folding Your Fitted Sheets Correctly

Folding fitted sheets correctly is as important as knowing how to wash them. Balling up the sheets and throwing them in a closet, stresses the sheets and causes creases which damage the fabric.

Liners and Covers

Liners for pillows and covers for mattresses not only help keep these items cleaner, but they add an extra level of protection. A mattress cover and pillow liner add a cushioning layer that lowers friction that causes pilling.